Thursday, April 26, 2012
NO! No no no. I will continue to do the job that I am obliged to do, and that is to pick the best possible plays, irrespective of gender, irrespective of other issues.

Aww, hey Joe Dowling, Artistic Director of the Guthrie Theater, why do you have a job? Is it because you know the most about theater because you clearly know which plays are the best plays all by yourself?

Can we overload the Guthrie’s mailboxes and inboxes and everything with some educated discussions of privilege, and how it plays out in the arts? Can we bombard the board members of the Guthrie with emails and letters and calls about how this is absolutely terrible? No, really, I am not overreacting, this is actually really backwards.

Can we send Joe Dowling to grad school so he can learn the basis of the past 40 years of scholarship about diversity and education and arts administration?

Can media folk stop reviewing the Guthrie’s mediocre Shakespeare productions (the “best” theater)? Can the selection of upcoming seasons be a board-centered process that includes a diverse board that represents the city, or the world population, which includes women and people of color? Can we write the State Arts Board and Guthrie donors - which surely include women and people of color - and encourage them not to renew funding next year? Can we encourage boycotting? Can we launch a direct mail campaign that rivals the Guthrie’s of awareness?

The Guthrie doesn’t care about your perspective because you haven’t had one throughout history, see, and it’s a historical theater.

Can we get this guy fired? Fuck his noise.

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