Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Your sexy costume.

You know that Halloween is on Saturday, and you can get “slutty”* if you want— and I have no problem with that because it’s a lot of fun, even if it is cold. Your Sexy Queen of Hearts or Sexy Queen Bee or Sexy Witch costume looks totally awesome, although I prefer combining “sexy” with “dead and makeuppy,” as in a Sexy Zombie or Sexy Death of a Disco Dancer get up.

There’s one “sexy” costume, though, that grown women wear that I find insanely offensive and straight-up thoughtless: the Sexy Catholic School Girl. Oh, I know, you couldn’t find a costume, but you had a white blouse and a short plaid skirt, so you threw that on with some knee socks and Mary Janes, and boom! Sexy costume!

Except dressing up like a Catholic school girl is creepy and inappropriate if you are old enough to be in a bar. You’re buying into a hypersexualization of teenagers by adults, implying that you’re young and virginal but secretly sexual, like all those crazy Catholic school girls. On Halloween, a uniform represents no other identity besides sexuality.

As a teenager in a uniform, I was very aware of the uniform’s cultural implication and my sexual power in it. More any other teenage fashion trend, school uniforms consistently represent teenagers’ conflicted feelings and sexual actions, and seeing adults playing that up makes me really uncomfortable. When I was in school, I wanted boys to look at me, sure, but it was always uncomfortable when I was pumping gas or running into 7-11 on my way home from school and men all leered. I was just wearing my uniform! (In fact, those men were the ones doing most of the looking; my high school boyfriend, bless him, hated my uniform cos he’d “been around Catholic girls all his life,” which taught me a little about cultural sex symbols and what I wore.)

If you want to do schoolgirl, it’s your choice, but maybe you could consider dead schoolgirl brain-eating zombie or Gogo or something to add to Sexy Teenager because that’s completely creepy in a bad way for an adult woman.

*I prefer using “sexy” because “slutty” implies low self-esteem and sexual favors, whereas “sexy” is just happily confusing.


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